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EXOFIN foldable fins

We are proud to present patented folded fins by EXOFIN.

We are proud to present patented folded fins by EXOFIN

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The Core

Just as with the membrane, we draw from the ergonomics of animal bones to achieve improved hydromechanical efficiency. A special aluminium-titanium alloy forms an exoskeleton that becomes an extension of the diver's foot.


Like Leonardo Da Vinci we are inspired by mother nature. Pondering the abundance of different kinds of animal fins we carefully studied the common element among them - the membrane. It is the most natural and efficient solution for propulsion in water in the animal kingdom.We have combined hi-end elastomers to create a synthetic membrane that is both durable, yet thin enough to fold easily.

Swappable fin rails

Our fins can be tailor-made to your needs thanks to different kinds of rails that can be used. For longer distances we recommend more stiff rails and for short-distance diving it’s better to use more flexible ones.

EXOFIN foldable fins are a must-have! They are extremely compact and thus store well. There is much less strain on my ankles which dramatically increased my comfort and decreased fatigue. It’s a pity that they weren’t invented 30 years ago, when I started my duty.

Soldier, Special Ops

Decreased weight

Thanks to the above-mentioned materials we were able to decrease the weight of our fins by 50% compared to regular ones.


When folded, the fin is only 6cm, a mere fraction of the regular fin's size. Say bye-bye to your mobility problems.

Hydrodynamic properties

Rubber fins are a thing of the past. Modern, foldable and very comfortable fins from EXOFIN are the way to go. Thanks to their unique design they are as close to natural fins as possible. That means you enjoy a faster, longer and strain-free swim.

Ease of use

Unfolding our fins and using them is as simple as waving your hands. Special mechanism protects them from accidental opening.


Our product is suitable for both long-distance and short-distance divers. We can provide a specialised version of our fins for military, life saving and recreational use.

Rebreather Cover

Rebreather Cover

We have designed a special cover with side pockets and MOLLE system thanks to which you can easily attach not only your fins but also extra accessories e.g flares, diving knife, lightsticks.
Exofin folding fins have been reported to the International Patent