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Folding Fins



Unique fin EXOFIN represent a revolution in the market .
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Decreased weight

Thanks to the above-mentioned materials we were able to decrease the weight of our fins by 50% compared to regular ones.


When folded, the fin is only 6cm, a mere fraction of the regular fin's size. Say bye-bye to your mobility problems.

Hydrodynamic properties

Rubber fins are a thing of the past. Modern, foldable and very comfortable fins from EXOFIN are the way to go. Thanks to their unique design they are as close to natural fins as possible. That means you enjoy a faster, longer and strain-free swim.

Ease of use

Unfolding our fins and using them is as simple as waving your hands. Special mechanism protects them from accidental opening.


Our product is suitable for both long-distance and short-distance divers. We can provide a specialised version of our fins for military, life saving and recreational use.
Exofin folding fins have been reported to the International Patent