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Krzysztof Papadis

CEO & co-founder

Several years of experience in sales (Pepsi, Ferrero, LPP - including negotiating agreements with supermarket chains) and team management (up to 206 people). He led
the restructuring of many companies. Business owner since 1999 (training center, real estate office). Currently co-owner of three Polish LLC-like companies. Scuba diver since 1992. SAR dog handler and volunteer firefighter (since 2005).


Tomasz Krause

CTO, co-founder, co-inventor of folding fins and chairman of the board

Yacht shipwright and technologist - constructed catamarans from composites using vacuum infusion method. He assisted in the restoration of “błotniak” (details below).
Chief engineer of our folding fins.


Mariusz Szymański

CPO, co-founder and co-inventor of folding fins

Passionate diver (for nearly two decades) closely tied with the military and diving communities. He operates a barber shop in Gdynia and one day just looking at his scissors
he had the vision of folding fins. He reconstructed “błotniak” – Polish Navy underwater vehicle. During one open water folding fins tests he stumbled upon World War II cannons which we have handed to the museum. He also participated in many underwater research and exploration projects by the scientific branch of Polish Military e.g. hydroacoustics, thermal imaging and many other deep-sea investigations. The recipient of many awards by scientific institutions associated with the military.


Our company was established in January 2014 but we started working on our folding fins a few months before. We are a close-knit team whose members complement each
other. Our vision is to create a recognizable and respectable brand and patent more diving-related solutions that are already in the works. We maintain the highest quality and
constantly visit trade exhibitions to learn about the best and latest materials science has to offer for our current and future diving products.







Exofin folding fins have been reported to the International Patent